...out of a delorean? (thedreamygirl) wrote in fnlstillness,
...out of a delorean?

Co-Mod Application

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus this community went on, but we shall be getting back on track soon.
Sadly, boo___you_whore has decided to step down as a mod. Lots of thanks to her for all the work she's put in to the community! :D

This means, that I'll be needing a new co-mod to help me keep running the comm. If youare interested please comment below telling me on average how much free time you have to post/organise the challenges, and whether you have any experience modding a challenge comm. Please note that previous experience is not essential, you can easily pick up modding stuff, it's just info for me.

Comments are screened, and I'll be leaving this open for a few days/until there are a few applications.
Tags: !mod post, application
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Screened comment

Hey! :D Yes, it has been ages, and I'm SO sorry I didn't reply to this before! LJ was being funny with my comment notifications around the time I made this entry so I checked the entry page myself the day and the day after I posted it but because no one replied then I didn't think to check again later, esp when I got busy again later. - But I'm so glad you replied! :) I know it's been a few weeks since but if you are still interested in co-modding I would love for you to.
Of course, absolutely! I understand completely. =) I'd still love to help out.
Awesome! :D I've given you maintainer access to the community.
Would you be okay with posting the next challenge? You wouldn't have to post it until the weekend.
I know I'm a little late with this, but I will go ahead and post one now. But I should let you know that the main layout and my computer don't get along. I can't do anything on it. Lol.
That's okay! If you could post it this week that would be great. - And I know the layout gives me problems too; I've been thinking about changing it so I thought for challenge 60 (the one after yours which will be #59) I'd do a header/userinfo challenge and change the layout at the same time too (although I may not wait for voting and stuff to go up to change the layout, and just change it again if the winning banner suits. - In the meantime you could use this link
so that way you should be able to use it fine.